Laser & Extraction Parts

We aim to provide our customers with the lowest ongoing costs throughout their laser ownership and as such provide the best possible prices on all laser components. 

All laser parts supplied are genuine ensuring a long working life span and warranty to match. 

Typical Laser components: 

  • Laser cartridge recharge 
  • Main focus Lens 
  • #2 Mirror
  • #3 Mirror 
  • Top door window 
  • Drive Motors


There are 2 main suppliers of extraction systems for the laser market. Even if your extraction is branded from the supplier company it is a standard system and we can provide laser extraction filters for it.

We only supply genuine extraction filters matching OE specification. There are cheaper filters available but these have a very short life span and cost more over time when you have to replace them frequently. 

LEV Testing

All filter systems must undergo LEV testing to ensure they are working correctly and safely. This should be conducted every 12-14 months by a qualified technician. We provide LEV testing services to all of our customers.