Laser Material Supplies

Your material choice for the laser cutter is very important and greatly affects the quality of the result you can achieve.

Laserable Plastics

Under no circumstance should your process any plastic/foam with a PVC or Chlorine content. The fume from processing such material is hazardous not only to you but also to your laser system.

Using the correct laserable plastic allows you to achieve the best possible results from your laser engraver. This allows your products and results to stand out when compared to the competition.

We can offer a range of laserable plastics from acrylics to specialist micro-surface materials for signage.


Laserable Wood

The processing of poor quality woods can result in you thinking that you have a problem with your laser system - Partial cutting, charring and large amounts of resin build up in the interior of the machine are common signs of poor quality material.

We only supply the correct grades of MDF & PLY which we also process in house. This gives you the quality assurance that you will be able to process the material efficiently and with great results. Don’t waste time with multiple cuts and having to throw half cut attempts away.

We offer the MDF & PLY material in A2 & A3 sheet sizes.


Please email for a quotation for your preferred materials.