Laser Equipment, Laser Servicing and Laser Materials 


Solar Lasers is the distributor for the UK and Ireland for the renowned range of laser cutting and engraving machines manufactured by Universal Laser Systems Inc. of Scottsdale Arizona. 

We offer a wealth of experience in sales, service and support for laser processing solutions to industrial, commercial, schools and other educational establishments.

Already purchased a laser cutter? - As well as providing support to Universal Laser Customers we also offer comprehensive support, materials and consumables for other laser equipment.


LASER cutting & engraving machines – Universal Laser Systems Inc.


The popular VLS Desktop has revolutionised compact laser processing. The unique Laser cutter material-database simplifies the workflow making it an ideal choice for new users. The perfect introduction to laser cutting and engraving. 


Compromising of two large-format laser cutting and engraving machines with a wide choice of power options including the ability to combine two laser sources for high powered applications. Options for industrial laser applications such as camera registration and travelling exhaust.

VLS Platform

The VLS Platform Series provides a much larger laser processing area giving greater flexibility with the same great electronics and easy to use material based driver as featured in the desktop range of machines.


The most Advanced flat bed laser cutting solution. This machine revolutionises flat bed laser processing with features such as an air rail carriage support replacing conventional bearing technology. Suitable for high speed processing that also demands accuracy & repeatability.




Lasers for Education

Educational use of laser cutters has revolutionised the teaching of CAD/CAM in the D&T curriculum.

With high-speed production that produces excellent quality results directly from the machine, teaching staff have the assurance that their students will be able to complete their coursework within the precious time available.

Lasers for Industry

We provide laser solutions to a range of business sectors and business sizes. From innovative new start ups in areas such as Etsy & Not on The High Street to established companies looking to add identification marks to their products we can provide a laser solution for you.