Ultrasonic Welder

Ultrasonic welding technology is now available for the classroom. This is a clean, quick, reliable and safe process that eliminates mechanical fixing and glues. There are no consumables and there in no waste.


Easy to use

Simply overlap the plastics to be joined and place between the sonotrode and the anvil. Press the weld button and seconds later Hey Presto! the weld has been made.

ultrasonic welder in use

Using the standard Roller anvil, spot welds and seam welds can be made. Other anvils are available for special purposes.

The arm allows for the welding of boxes up to 300mm long.

Suitable for many difficult to glue plastics including:

  • Polypropylene
  • Polyester
  • ABS
  • PVC

Ultrasonic Welder Pdf Brochure

Ultrasonic Welder Brochure


300W 35KHz Auto-Tuning
240mm Wide x 260mm Long x 200mm High
240V AC (50Hz) 2A

Included Accessories

  • User's Manual
  • AC Power Cord

Optional Accessories

  • Clamping Kit
  • Anvil Kit

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