Solido SD300 Pro

The Solido SD300 Pro 3D Printer is a desktop 3D Printer that that allows you to build three-dimensional models directly from your workstation.

This network-compatible printer can speed the development cycle by putting model creation in the hands of the designers and engineers themselves. The SD300 Pro 3D Printer saves time and reduces costs while improving the quality of the products and parts that you design.


The SD300 Pro 3D Printer carries both a low initial investment and low cost of ownership. There is no post-build curing process and no need for dedicated personnel. In addition, the cost-effective SD300 Pro consumable materials allow for a low per-model cost.

Ease of Operation

Anyone can operate the SD300 Pro 3D Printer. Building a model is as simple as printing to a typical office printer. Replacing consumable materials is no more complicated than changing cartridges on a standard office printer. The build process requires no intervention and creates no ambient dust or residue so there is no clean-up required.

Improved Design Communication

The SD300 Pro will accelerate your design and development cycle by improving communication throughout the process. Early stage concept modelling and multiple design iterations are no longer cost prohibitive. You can produce more models, more often, at a lower cost, and obtain immediate feedback from colleagues and customers. This allows early identification of design issues, ensures a smooth transition to development, and saves valuable time throughout the entire process.


With the SD300 Pro, organizations can safeguard confidential, proprietary design information by keeping model creation in-house, in-department and in-office.

Durable Models

Using Plastic Sheet Lamination, the SD300 Pro 3D Printer produces rugged yet flexible models made of SolidVC®, a rigid PVC based plastic. The accuracy, strength and durability of the parts produced on the SD300 Pro make them perfectly suited for all stages of the design cycle, from concept verification through form, fit and functional testing, including snap-fit. Models can be machined, drilled, finished and painted, and they show no distortion over time.

State of the Art Content

As part of intelitek’s Blended Learning solution, the SD300 Pro is supported by intelitek’s LearnMate e-learning curriculum. This interactive web-based content provides students an extensive background in 3D solid modelling technology, along with step-by-step lab activities using the SD300 Pro



Solido SD300 Pro Video


  • Technology: 3D printing - Plastic Sheet Lamination
  • Build material: Engineered Plastic
  • Material colour: Transparent, Amber, White, Black, Red, Blue
  • Accuracy: ± 0.25 mm (±0.0098 inches) (XY)
  • Layer thickness: 0.168 mm (0.006 inches) (Z)
  • Maximum model size: 160 × 210 × 135 mm (6.3 × 8.3 × 5.3 inches) (XYZ)
  • Dimensions: W460 × L770 × H420 mm (18.1 × 30.3 × 16.5 inches)
  • Weight without cartridge and roll: 36 Kg (79.4 lb)
  • Weight with cartridge and roll: 44 Kg (97 lb)
  • Power consumption: 300 W, 110 / 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 5.4 / 2.7 A

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