We provide servicing for all of our Laser Cutters & Extraction systems.

Service Overview:

  • Why have a service?
  • Over time processing material can lead to deposits and wear on the bearings and belts. This can lead to a reduction in accuracy and laser power. If you have noticed the power starting to drop or an inconsistent quality it could be time to look at having a service.

  • How often should I have a service?
  • Service frequency is dependant on the work material & quantity processed. For instance those processing only plastic will require less frequent servicing than those processing wood.

    Many education establishments will also have more frequent servicing as we also can include training on the machine as part of the package.

  • How long does a service take?
  • Servicing time will vary with the machines condition. It can take anything from 2-7 hours.

  • What is the price of a service?
  • Servicing price is dependant on your location. For a quotation please contact service@solarlasers.co.uk

If you have any questions about your machine and whether it may need a service we offer free email & telephone support to all of our customers.


UK Legislation states that any extraction system for the control of hazardous substances must have an annual LEV test to ensure it is correctly working. We are able to undertake all LEV testing.

We also supply extraction filters for all PUREX & BOFA systems.

Service Checks Available

Laser System:

  • Belt
  • Bearing
  • Z-axis
  • Laser Power Measurement
  • LEV Extraction testing
  • Compressor Supply
  • PAT Testing


  • Basic user interface
  • Image processing
  • Custom material settings
  • Calibration

Before Service

Before Service

Serviced 8 Year Old Machine

V-460 Laser

Serviced V-460

V-460 Laser

Serviced V-460


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