MW System from Universal Laser Systems

CO2 10.6/ CO2 9.3/ 1.06 Fiber - 1 Laser Machine

The PLS6MW Multi-Wavelength Laser Platform uses multiple laser wavelengths to process the broadest possible spectrum of materials. The PLS6MW is built on Universal's patented Rapid Reconfiguration technology, so changing laser wavelength is as easy as changing the laser source and requires no tools, optics changes or software reconfiguration. This cost-effective, small-footprint, total material processing solution is ideal for fast-paced R&D and production environments and is only available from Universal Laser Systems.

High Accuracy Component Marking

The machines high build quality and small laser spot size makes it perfect for working with applications involving high accuracy. Applications include component marking within the Aerospace, Watch making & Medical industries where marks are required with minimal alternation to the physical properties of the material.

Laser Options

  • 1.06 micron Fiber - Materials: Most metals, some plastics. When configured with a 1.06 micron pre-aligned interchangeable fiber laser, the PLS6MW can mark most metals and some plastics.
  • 10.6 micron CO2 - Materials: Plastics, textiles, wood and some metals. Reconfigure the PLS6MW with a standard 10.6 micron pre-aligned interchangeable CO2 laser to open up the full breadth of organic material processing capabilities.
  • 9.3 micron CO2 - Materials: Some plastics. Reconfigure the PLS6MW with a specialized 9.3 micron pre-aligned interchangeable CO2laser for excellent results on certain highly-functional plastics.

Product Features

Advanced User Interface

Run time estimator provides an estimate of the time needed to run a job.

Complete settings control

Proportional pulse control (patented) provides user definable spacing between laser pulses for better engraving or cutting quality.

Advanced monitoring System

The system auto-detects the rotary fixture, cutting table and air compressor upon installation.


Materials: Some complex materials, including mirrored acrylic, adhesive-backed foils and some plastics. The multi-wavelength functionality of the PLS6MW can be used to accomplish some tasks which are impossible if only a single laser source is used.

Product Spec Sheets


  • Work Area: 813mm x 457mm
  • Max Part Size:
    940mm x 584mm x 229mm
  • Overall Dimensions:
    1118mm x 991mm x 914mm
  • Laser Power Options: 40W Fibre / 30,50W 9.3 CO2 / 10,25,30,40,50,60,75W CO2
  • Weight: 345 lbs. (156 kg)
  • User Interface: Keypad and UCP
  • Printer Control / Connection:
    Windows XP/7/8/8.1; USB 2.0*
  • Power Requirements:
    110V/10A or 220V/5A; 50/60Hz
  • Exhaust Connection: Two Ports 4in in diameter

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