Robotics today means much more than the traditional industrial robots used for performing manufacturing tasks such as welding, painting, assembly and machine tending.

Technological advances have produced personal robots that serve as butlers and bodyguards, medical robots that assist surgeons and hospital staff, and autonomous robots with the potential to make decisions and socialize with people.

These developments in robotics pose exciting and challenging opportunities for students.

A world-leading innovator in technology education, Intelitek's renowned line of robotics training systems serve educators and students at all levels, from the basic fundamentals to advanced study and practical work in robotics, automation, control systems, informatics and mechatronics. Intelitek's Blended Learning approach, comprising hands-on training, virtual hands-on training, and dynamic 3D simulation software, combined with Intelitek's LearnMate E-Learning Content, enables various levels of learning, customizable to customer needs, and providing a powerful and affordable training package.

Intelitek offers a wide range of robot programming and control software, including SCORBASE and RoboCell. Students can also program and control Intelitek robots using interface programs written in languages such as C, C++, C# and Visual Basic.

Vex Robotics Design System

Vex RoboticsThe Vex Robotics Design System was developed by VexLabs, a partner of intelitek.

The Starter Kit was inspired by the FIRST (For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology) Robotics Competition - the world's leading high school robotics program.

This not-for-profit organization was founded to inspire young people's interest and participation in science and technology.

Today, the kit is used in competitions all across the world!

The starter kit is only the beginning - there are many accessories, sensors, and add-ons to make the robot you've always dreamed of!

Scorbot ER-4U

This versatile and reliable training system is ideal for both stand-alone use and integration with other devices and CNC machines in automated and FMS work-cell configurations. The classic SCORBOT design enables observation of the robot's working mechanical parts while ensuring student safety.

Powerful software, extensive curriculum and a wide range of accessories allow students to acquire significant experience and programming skills in robotics and automation.

The SCORBOT-ER 4u robot is a versatile and reliable system for educational use. The Scorbot-ER4u robot arm can be mounted on a tabletop, pedestal or linear slide-base.

The robot's speed and repeatability make it highly suited for both stand-alone operations and integrated use in automated work-cell applications such as robotic welding, machine vision, CNC machine tending and other FMS operations

The robot is supported by SCORBASE robotics programming and control software. Optional RoboCell 3D graphic software lets students design, create and control simulated industrial work-cells, and provides dynamic simulation of the robot and work-cell devices during position teaching and program execution.

The robot is designed to enable observation of its working mechanical parts while ensuring a safe environment for students.

Package includes:

  • Mechanical arm
  • Controller-USB
  • USB communication cable
  • Software CD
  • Plastic dust covers
  • Documentation for all software and hardware components

This system is certified for CE safety compliance.


Industrial Training. This rugged, vertically articulated robot system offers advanced robotic path control, speed and accuracy. Designed to interface with a wide variety of automated machines, devices and end effectors, it is the perfect robot for FMS and CIM work-cells. With a controller that can simultaneously monitor and control up to 12 axes and 32 I/Os, and communicate on as many as ten RS232 channels, this robot system meets the most demanding requirements of a robotic work-cell.

The SCORBOT-ER 9Pro offers advanced robotic path control, speed and accuracy in an affordable, industrial grade robot.

With the new state of the art USB-Pro controller, the ER9Pro is provided with multi-tasking, real-time control and synchronization of up to 8 axes, 16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs, 4 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs. The SCORBOT-ER 9Pro supports both stand-alone applications as well as sophisticated automated work-cells.

Package includes:

  • Mechanical arm
  • USB-Pro Controller
  • Software CD
  • USB and power cables
  • Documentation for all software and hardware components

This system is certified for CE safety compliance


This sturdy, horizontally articulated SCARA robot is ideal for pick-and-place assembly operations in manufacturing training facilities. Easily integrated with peripheral equipment, this robot provides the foundation for both stand-alone applications as well as robotic workstations within CIM systems. The robot offers speed, accuracy and a payload capacity of up to 3 kg. This real-time, multitasking, continuous path robotic system provides superior work-cell control.

A four-axis, table-top mounted SCARA robot, the SCORA-ER 14Pro is designed for work in industrial training facilities. This rugged and reliable robot performs light-payload assembly, handling and packaging operations with impressive speed and accuracy.

SCORA-ER 14Pro with the new state of the art USB-Pro controller facilitates PWM drive, PID control and continuous path, real-time, multi-tasking control. The programming language is facilitated by a software interface while an optional hand-held teach pendant enables direct operator manipulation of robot axes and position recording as well as other functions. The ability to simultaneously control and synchronize up to 8 axes, 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs enables the user to have superior real-time control of both the robot and its application environment.

Easily integrated with peripheral equipment, the SCORA-ER 14Pro system provides the foundation for both stand-alone applications as well as robotic workstations within CIM systems.

Package includes:

  • Mechanical arm
  • USB-Pro Controller
  • Software CD
  • USB and power cables
  • Documentation for all software and hardware components

MOTOMAN-HP3 Compact, Powerful, and Economical

The MOTOMAN HP3 is a compact, high-speed robot that requires minimal installation space. The HP3 features a 701 mm (27.6") reach and offers the widest work envelope in its class. Because of its small footprint, it can be floor-, wall-, or ceiling-mounted.

The HP3 offers superior performance in small part applications such as assembly, dispensing, packaging, material handling, and machine tending. The HP3 yields extraordinary production results while requiring minimal capital investment.

The compact design and built-in collision avoidance features with multiple robot control allow up to four robots to be used together to maximize productivity while reducing overall floor space requirements.

Advanced NXC100 Controller

he revolutionary NXC100 controller features a Windows® CE programming pendant with colour touch screen, high-speed processing, unmatched memory (60,000 steps, 10,000 instructions), built-in Ethernet, and a robust PC architecture. Advanced Robot Motion (ARM) control provides high-performance path accuracy and vibration control. In addition, the NXC100 features best-in-class path planning that dramatically reduces teaching time.

The programming pendant features a unique cross-shaped navigation cursor that reduces teaching time by 30 percent. It has full-colour touch-screen display and a convenient compact flash slot for easy memory back-ups. All operator controls are located on the pendant, allowing the control cabinet to be mounted remotely.

Dual-channel safety features include enhanced E-Stop functionality and integrated speed monitoring



Intelitek Robotics Video


  • Automatic tool changer for large robots
  • DC servo motor kit
  • Dual-axis pneumatic vice
  • Gravity parts feeder
  • I/O experiment table
  • Linear conveyor
  • Linear positioning table
  • Linear slide-base for large robots
  • Linear slide-base for small robots
  • Micro ASRS
  • Multi-purpose gripper adapters
  • Multi-purpose gripper attachments for large robots
  • Palletizing rack
  • Parts bin
  • Pneumatic feeder for round parts
  • Pneumatic feeder for square parts
  • Proximity sensor for linear conveyor
  • Rotary index table
  • Proximity sensor for rotary index table
  • Spray painter end effector
  • Syringe dispenser end effector
  • Teach Pendant
  • Template
  • XY Positioning Table
  • Pneumatic gripper for Motoman HP3
  • Pneumatic gripper for SCORA-ER 14Pro
  • Pneumatic gripper for SCORBOT-ER 9Pro

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