ILS Series

New from Universal is the ILS Series of high-performance, large format, fully customisable CO2 laser systems that are available with an extended range of platform and power options.

ILS open sides

Featuring side opening doors for pass-through capability, the ILS is the world's only laser system that can legally operate between CDRH Class 1 and CDRH Class 4 (patent pending)

The ILS raises the bar on performance with the world's most advanced materials-based print driver (Laser Interface+™). This powerful feature allows you to choose between automatic or manual control over power, speed, pulses per inch and other system settings.

Additional standard features include carriage mounted auto focus, interchangeable shielded focusing optics, covered belts, self-adjusting and permanently lubricated motion system bearings, red dot pointer, manual air assist with optics protection and patented Rapid Reconfiguration™ and Quick-Change™ technology.

Key Features

  • Side doors open for Pass-Through capability to accommodate oversize objects and allows you to legally switch between CDRH Class 1 and 4 operation (patent pending)
  • Laser Interface+ materials-based print driver gives you the choice between automatic and manual control over power and speed settings.
  • Patented High Power Density Focusing Optics (HPDFO) allows you to mark some metals without the need for metal marking compounds.
  • Optional Embedded Computer allows for stand-alone operation and give you Ethernet connectivity.
  • Optional Patented SuperSpeed™ allows for high processing speeds and increased throughput.

ILS Spec Sheet

Standard Features

  • Laser Interface+™ Driver
  • Custom Material Settings
  • Instant Print and Run
  • Job Preview
  • Adjust Settings on the Fly
  • Auto Focus
  • Job Time Estimator
  • Red Dot Pointer
  • Rapid Reconfiguration
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Optics Protection
  • Motion System Protection
  • Sealed Bearings
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Manual Air Assist

Available Accessories

  • Downdraft Honeycomb Cutting Table
  • Computer Controlled Air Assist
  • Back Sweep Option for Air Assist
  • Cone Option for Air Assist
  • Embedded Computer with 7" LCD
  • Class 4 Legal Pass-Through
  • Automation Interface (Direct Communication)
  • High Power Density Focusing Optics (HPDFO)
  • Lens Kits (2.0" and 3.0")
  • SuperSpeed
  • Travelling Exhaust
  • Rotary Fixture

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