Laser processing of materials produces fumes and particulate that needs to be disposed of safely.

In the first instance you will need to have adequate extraction to remove the fumes from the laser cabinet to ensure efficient operation of the laser and the quality of your work.

In the second instance, laser processing releases chemicals in materials that are relatively harmless as part of the material structure but when vaporised may be unpleasant to inhale.

Extraction Arrangements

Solar Laser Systems sell a variety of extraction arrangements and will advise you of the most appropriate extraction for your particular application and circumstances.

Laserex range from Purex

Most popular is an extraction and filtration system that will dispose of your laser fumes safely. The Laserex range from Purex are high-quality systems housed in stainless steel cabinets. These systems have control of vacuum with feedback, sensing and alarms for filter blockage, air quality and particulate escape.

Purex Alpha

The Purex Alpha is a simpler system, built to the same high standards but without the control and sophistication of the Laserex range.

Full details can be found on the Purex brochures

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Purex Brochure

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