Educational use of laser cutters has revolutionised the teaching of CAD/CAM in the D&T curriculum.

With high-speed production that produces excellent quality results directly from the machine, teaching staff have the assurance that their students will be able to complete their coursework within the precious time that is available.

But this is only the start of the story. Lasers can process such a diverse range of materials that they have opened up new and exciting developments in Design and Technology.

Application for D&T

The laser cutter is a tool that has applications for the entire D&T curriculum

  • Resistant Materials
  • Graphics
  • Textiles
  • Product Design
  • Even Food Technology can benefit with imaginative results.

Solar's Experience

At Solar we have many years experience in the educational applications lasers are put to and we want our customers to take the technology even further. We see our high-quality training as the route to achieving this backed by our high-quality support.

Integrating lasers with high-resolution digital scanning systems

An exciting new development for schools is the integration of the laser with our high-resolution digital scanning systems. (See Digital Imaging section)

Vectorising scanned images with CorelTRACE

By vectorising scanned images with CorelTRACE you have the ability to create designs that incorporate existing material.

Imagine for example:

  • Creating an inlaid jewellery box with a flower design taken from an actual flower
  • Cutting out a design that was hand-drawn
  • Reproducing intricate objects without the need to draw them
  • Laying out a still-life arrangement and engraving an image of it onto a textiles project
  • Imagine the possibilities.

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Laser Cutting Examples

laser cutting nets

laser cut wooden leaves

control panel

laser cutting gear & spring

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