Solar Laser Systems is the UK distributor for Accucut die cutting machines

The Accucut machines are durable, commercial quality machines that give excellent performance over many years of hard use. The design allows you to see clearly how the cutting is being achieved and the guards around the roller prevent fingers being trapped.

These machines will cut paper and card, textiles, rubber, leather and soft plastics. They are idea; for craft and educational use as well as commercial and industrial use.

AccuCut Machines

Mark IV

imageThe award-winning, patented roller design of the AccuCut MARK IV Roller Die Cutting Machine makes die cutting practically effortless. Roller pressure is preset, so each handle turn is as easy as the first. Simply turn the handle and roll through as many as five dies in a single pass. The 12" wide cutting area accommodates all sizes of AccuCut dies except big, giant, super giant and super long cut.

Mark III

imageA perfect match for limited budgets or as an additional machine in a busy die cutting centre, the AccuCut Mark III Roller Die Cutting Machine will cut all mini, small, large and long cut dies. optional tray available for extra long cut dies. Simply turn the handle and roll through as many as two dies in a single pass. The cutting area is 6.5" wide.


imageSpecially designed for craft retailers and professional designers, the GrandeMark cuts precise shapes of all sizes for scrapbook pages, handmade cards, stationery, fabric crafts and more. With a 16" wide cutting area, it's the only Accucut machine that holds giant, super giant and super long cut dies. Steel roller never needs replacing, and dies cut into reusable sheets of cutting plastic.

AccuCut Downloads

Video demo

View an Accucut demo on youtube

View a Pencreate demo on youtube


AccuCut's roller die cutting technology makes die cutting practically effortless, and whichever machine you decide to purchase we are sure you will be satisfied.

Once you have chosen you favoured dies, contact Jo-Anne at Solar Lasers. Jo-Anne will provide a full door to door quotation.

For every $1500 of dies chosen we are offering a free GrandeMark Roller Die Machine.

Accucut manufacture a wide range of stock dies for use in their machines. Details can be found on the Accucut website with prices in US$

Prices in the UK will include import duty, shipping and delivery costs and VAT.

Custom dies can be produced to order.

AccuCut Sales

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