Universal Desktop Laser Systems

  • VLS 2.30 Desktop

    • Compact and economical platform, designed to be an entry level laser machine whilst maintaining excellent Universal Laser Systems quality.
  • VLS 3.50 Desktop

    • Top-selling laser system from Solar Lasers. Combining excellent Universal Lasers quality and an A3 bed size into a desktop machine.

    Universal Platform Laser Systems

  • VLS Platform Series

    • Free-standing platform offering a spacious work area and the ability to quickly adjust laser power. Designed and engineered for light manufacturing and prototyping.
  • Professional Series

    • Particularly suited for manufacturing and production environments. This series has many patented features including super-speed on the PLS 6.150D
  • Multi-Wave Series

    • Built to make changing laser wavelength easy, and requires no tools, optics changes or software reconfiguration. Can use up to a 50 watt Fiber, or a 75 watt CO2 Laser Source interchangeably.

    Industrial Series Laser Systems

  • Universal ILS Series

    • Flagship series from Universal Laser Systems. Used in high end manufacturing, with features including camera recognition and Class 4 pass-through.
  • Universal XLS Series

    • New for 2015. The XLS Series contains many unannounced improvements to worldwide laser system quality.
  • Cielle Series Lasers

    • Industrial quality laser systems including high-wattage fibre lasers that range from large bed metal cutters to small 4 axis engravers.

    CNC Routers and CNC Machines

  • Intelitek CNC

    • World-leading educational CNC range from intelitek offering a broad range of machines, geared for educational, professional, training and industrial use.
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  • Cielle CNC Router

    • Industrial machines ranging from mini-pantographs to computerised high-performance manufacturing centres. Designed with ease-of-use and reliability.
  • Cielle Blade Cutting

    • Cutting, milling and creasing machines ideal for the packaging sector. Cielle quality high performance machines.

    3D Printers and Robotics

  • New 3D Printer

    • Our new 3D Printer is coming soon! Estimated reveal date of November 2014.
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  • Solido SD300

    • The Solido SD300 Pro 3D Printer is a desktop 3D Printer that that allows you to build three-dimensional models directly from your workstation.
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  • Intelitek Robotics

    • World-leading educational robotics range from intelitek providing complete robotic training packages, including programming and control software.
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    Arts and Crafts

  • Accucut Die Cutter

    • These machines will cut paper and card, textiles, rubber, leather and soft plastics. They are idea; for craft and educational use as well as commercial and industrial use.
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  • Pencreate 3D Pen

    • 3D Printing Pen that can draw in 3 Dimensions. Create and draw in dimensions never before thought possible!
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  • Digital Imaging

    • Solar Imaging Systems has a variety of digital imaging equipment for schools and other educational establishments.
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Universal Laser Systems Product shot


The popular VersaLASER has revolutionised laser processing. The unique VersaLASER Material-Based driver simplified the settings making it an idea choice for novice users. An inexpensive laser cutter and engraver.

VersaLASER Platform Series

The Versalaser Platform Series machines fill the gap between the Versalaser Desktop range and the Professional Series.

PLS System

The PLS range is the latest and most advanced series of laser cutting and engraving machines available in the world. Unique Interface + driver allows you to choose between a materials-based use and manually adjusted settings.

Industrial Laser Series

The ILS range comprises 2 large-format laser cutting and engraving machines with a choice of up to 150 Watts of laser power. Advanced design with optional on-board computer with monitor and travelling exhaust.

Universal Lasers Systems Video

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